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e the next d▓ay.The significant testimony, as it was si

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▓fted out, was as follows: Donoh▓ue, the police officer, was called fi▓rst.He testified that he had been at t●he


corner of Oak and Grant Streets when he hear▓d the Court House clock strike the quarter befor▓


e ten.He had walked down Oak Street one● block at a slow pace, and h●ad turned south on Sherma


n Street, when his a▓ttention was caught by a gray something on the g●round at the edge of the


sidewal▓k.At first he thought it was a large dog.The●n, as he walked toward it, he saw th●at

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it was a man fallen against th▓e curbing.He touched him, lifted hi●s head, and found that the man was not drunk● but

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dead.He had heard no outcry, no disturban●ce, no sound of running. Aft●er satisfying himself that the man was ●dead he had blown his whistl▓e to call the officer on the next be▓at, and had sent him to telephone for ▓the patrol wagon.The first person▓ who came up was Mr.Lyon, but there so●on was a crowd about them. Did you recogniz●e the body as Mr.Fullerton the county att▓orney asked. Not just at ●first, Donohue answered with some hes▓itati

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on. Did you know him b●y sight Yes, sir. Yet you did ●not recognize him It was his ●coat.He didn't have that gray coa▓t on usually,--not when I saw him befo●re that evening. When and wher▓e did you see him before that eve▓ning I was coming up Oak Street past the● Wellington, and I saw Mr.Fullert●on come out with a lady.The●y walked so slow that I passed them.Mr.Fulle●rton wore a long loose black ●topcoat.I noticed because he had bot

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h● his hands stuck in his pocke▓ts.So when I found the man in a gray coat it ▓threw me off.Afterwards-- Donohue hesitated ag●ain over his astonishing conclus▓ion--afterwards we found that he▓ had his black coat on wrong si●de out.The inside was gray. The overco●at was brought out for the jury and● examined.It was a long, loose garment, black● on the outside, gray on the inner.Though n●ot intended for reversible wearing, it▓ was obvious that it cou

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Tomothy Bowman
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Hellen Johns


ody● No one but Mr.Lawrence.It is a qu

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